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The Comfort Behind The Wool

Acoustic mastery

Different spaces will benefit from different types of rugs and some level of sound absorption to minimize noise. Burel Factory rugs are the ideal solution for your acoustic and thermal needs, with an innovative design to enhance each room’s comfort. Their unique design ecosystem is combined with burel wool and its natural high performance which makes it very easy to integrate into any space and interior design. Its great sound absorption properties, combined with its impressive thermal comfort, and an almost organic mastery on its design, for a unique and differentiated identity.

With a design that combines manual art with thermal and acoustic performance, rugs with Burel Stiches are a statement of comfort and high performance sound absorption. The density of burel wool guarantees high resistance to intensive use and lowers the sound of footsteps, making it the ideal solution for spaces with a high level of circulation, while guaranteeing a balanced and welcoming environment.

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