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The new definition for (any) story

Every picture

can be art

The Pixel Panel can be any image or photo. A creative, versatile and original piece with high acoustic properties, since it attenuates the propagation of sound and guarantees a high acoustic comfort to the space. You can choose it to be with or without a frame.

Burel Factory combines the historical legacy of burel with new digital trends applied to design. After digitally transforming the intended image and generating its pixelation, we get to work and create. We cut the necessary fabric squares and by superimposing several layers of burel in different colors, the pixelated image come to life, causing great impact through originality and creativity, without losing its high acoustic efficiency, bringing together the best of both worlds. The outcome always brings a smile to our eyes, whether in the form of a panel with or without a frame, with any shape or design, or even applied directly to the wall*. There are no limits to imagination. An acoustically irresistible, dynamic and surprisingly innovative work of art.

* upon presentation of the idea, project and budget.