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Burel Architecture Showroom

Rua do Ferragial, 4
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Burel Chiado

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Burel Porto

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Burel Manteigas

Amieiros Verdes
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What is the burel fabric?

Burel is an ancestral fabric made of 100% wool, traditionally used by mountain shepherds. It is very resistant and widely versatile making it suitable for countless concepts and design solutions, accompanied by a wide range of textures, patterns and colors.

What are the features of burel fabric?

Composition: 100% Bordaleira sheep wool

Dimension of piece: 1.40m x (L) 27 to 31m

Colors available: Natural, Solid and Melange colors.

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Weights and thicknesses available:

– 600g/ml – 1.5mm

– 800g/ml – 2mm

– 1100g/ml – 2.5mm

– 1400g/ml – 3mm



– fire resistant

– high degree of impermeability (water resistant)

– thermal and acoustic insulation

– hygroscopic

– anti-electrostatic

– abrasion resistant

– flexible

– natural

– agro-product

– does not create pilling

Can I return a product?

Burel Factory does not accept returns, unless from a shipping/order error or product defect. Claims for defective, damaged, incomplete, or incorrect products must be received within 3 business days of delivery. Please examine all items carefully upon receipt.

How can I return a product?

If there is a problem with your order, please contact our project team on (+351) 211 923 762 (Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) or email within 3 days of receiving the order/product.

Do you have a representative abroad?

We currently place orders for all countries, except for Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Japan and Norway. We have an agent in these countries. To contact them, please email us at | (+351) 211 923 762

Is there any reason to use wood as a material together with burel?

Wood or derived materials (MDF) are combined with Burel in the following situations:

– Surface coating with flat burel

– Supply of parts with irregular shapes

Since Burel is a fabric, it is essential to combine it with a solid support to guarantee the proper finishing of the pieces.

Example: Burel Showroom (top and interior of the furniture for displaying products)

Is there a way to combine another material with Burel, such as a metal tube for example?

Yes, it is possible to combine other materials with Burel. If you want to glue the fabric to any type of surface, we recommend the use of contact glue.

That is, if a localized weight is applied to a stretched burel surface, does it stretch or hold?

Burel is made of 100% wool and elasticity is one of the properties of this fibre. Burel expands with humility and retracts with heat. The amount of stretching depends on the weight applied and its surrounding conditions.

Is Burel suitable for outdoor use (such as in contact with grass at a picnic, etc.)? Does it deteriorate quickly in these environments?

Burel is an ancestral fabric. It started to be used in capes and coats for rainy, snowy, and cold days in the mountains, and evolved into countless ideas and design solutions. It is a weather resistant material, but it is not an outdoor material.

Is it possible to use Burel on the floor for sound insulation between floors?

As a flooring solution, Burel Factory offers rugs and the customer may customize the size, color and pattern.

We suggest seek advice from a specialized technician to assess the building structure and existing flooring. Although Burel Stitches can attenuate noise, it may not be enough in some situations, when the noise derives from construction flaws that require more technically complex interventions, such as acoustic panels under the existing floor.

A specialized technician will be able to assess if a Burel Stitch solution will be sufficient.

Where can I apply burel fabric?

Panels, ceilings, walls, curtains, rugs, pillows, etc.

Is it possible to customize an item?

As far as coverings are concerned, since each project is unique, you can customize the size (W x H), color, shape, and type of stitch. Please contact us to get a quote.

Is it possible to customize colors?

Yes, it is possible, for orders above 60ml.

Can I have more than one color in a Burel Stich Solution?

It depends on the type of the Burel Stitch:

– if it is a type of stitch where the plain fabric base is folded and topstitched, we can only mix colors by stripes, which is the case with stitches such as Favos, Cortes and Canais.

– if it is a type of Burel Stitch in which a burel module is sewn on the plain fabric base, we can mix it up as you want, which is the case with Burel Stitches, for example: Rasas, Soletus, Nos, etc.

Does the color of Burel vary from batch to batch?

As this is a 100% natural fabric, it is not possible to guarantee color consistency. Color variation is attributed to the natural color of the raw material and variations in structure, which affect the amount of ink absorbed; therefore, color matching cannot be guaranteed from batch to batch. Please note that for orders that require large quantities of fabric or for application in places that need greater color homogeneity, you need to inform Burel Factory that this color criterion is necessary to be carried out in the factory’s batch production, in the same dye bath.

Is it possible to request samples?

Yes. However, depending on the quantity or type of samples requested, there may be a cost.

How to do maintenance?

Burel is an easy-care fabric. The fibre structure repels dirt and in case of spillage, it can be cleaned and dried. Regular vacuuming is all that is required to clean and maintain a panel and make it look as good as new.

How can an order be placed?

You can place your order in person, by phone or by email. Payment is made at 100% or 50% upon the award and the remaining payment upon completion of the order and before shipment. Data will be requested for billing purposes and the production of the order will begin upon payment of the 50% deposit.

What is the order completion and delivery time?

Since each project is unique and custom-made, the delivery and completion time depends on whether we have the required color in stock. In case it is necessary to produce the desired product, the fabric production time shall be approximately:

Natural Color and Solid Color: approximately 3/4 weeks;

Color Blend: approximately 4/5 weeks.

For large orders, the production time is longer than stated above. The fabrication/production time of the piece itself must be added. Thus, it varies between 30, 45 and 60 working days.

What is the shipping cost of my order?

Shipping costs depend on the destination, weight or m3 volume of the order.

How are deliveries managed?

For Portugal: The delivery services used are CTT and DHL. In the case of large items, it is necessary to contract a carrier.

Internationally: we have the services of UPS and DHL. There are situations in which the Customer prefers to handle the transport themselves.

Do you sell in other currencies?

No, we only sell in € (euros).

In your pieces of furniture, are the metallic and/or wooden elements produced by other companies?

It can be as we work with several suppliers.

Do you have specific patterns?

We have 20 Burel Patterns and we can create as many as the client want, just drop us your idea.

Are there limitations in the technologies or materials that can use in addition to burel?

There are no limits to creativity and innovation. Any material can be used with the burel, as long as there is a compatibility in terms of construction of the final piece.

Are there unused scraps in the manufacturing process?

Yes, but we use them in other pieces. We have a zero-waste policy.

If so, what dimensions roughly?

Yes, there are patches of different sizes (15cm to 1m), which are salable by the kg.

Does the burel stretch?

It has the natural elasticity of wool, but not significant since burel is a highly condensed fabric.

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