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Why burel?

100% wool science
The Natural solution for your interior design project.

The versatility of the burel fabric and its high strength are extremely valued features due to its multiplicity of applications. It resists traction, rupture, pressure, and light exposure, supports intensive use, without changing color and shape, making it ideal for wall coverings, panels, ceilings, dividers, partitions, and creative solutions.  That touch of comfort that was missing in any decoration and interior design.

Burel Factory executes custom-made acoustic solutions, giving them a unique identity, highlighted by a wide range of Burel Stitches, Textures and Colors. All made with pure sustainable local wool from the Serra da Estrela mountain range.

Acoustic Performance

100% wool, which reduces sound reverberation and limits its propagation. Very effective sound absorption performance: 100% at 3150khz. Ideal for commercial spaces, offices, hotels and work areas. A natural barrier against the sound.

Thermal Performance

Sheep wool is so dense that it insulates from heat and cold. With a thermal conductivity of only 0.0450 in burel fabric 800g, and a thermal resistance of 0.27m2ºC/W. Ideal for indoor temperature, maintaining a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Permeability Performance

The wool fiber structure is waterproof, with a water resistance of 98.5%, which means that, even absorbing moisture, it dries very quickly. At the same time, it repels dirt, requiring only periodic vacuuming without washing.

Since testing is still underway, we recommend the same precautions as with other fabrics. Burel has the same performance, and natural colors (brown, pearl and sarrubeco) don’t undergo any change in color.

Rate: 4-5

Washing Programme ISO 6330:2012, 4M (40OC)

Force Applied 180

600 g/lm Width 150cm | 800 g/lm Width 140cm | 1100 g/lm Width 140cm

This fully recyclable and biodegradable agroproduct (wool) could be used as a fertilizer

Burel is easily maintained. The fibre structure repels dirt and allows for fast cleaning and drying after accidental spilling. Carpets can be kept clean and just as new, solely with regular vacuum cleaning.

It is possible to machine wash burel fabrics using the wool program at a recommended temperature of 40º C.

Steam ironing is recommended using the wool setting – steam iron.

Different patterns and applications have different results.

All tests are made in concrete floor without any space between the fabric and the concrete.

The results of tests made in walls, including panel structures, are expected to be vastly superior.

All tests with different applications in different patterns are currently being carried out.

Properties and Special Features

100% wool agroproduct, fire-resistant, with high impermeability (water-resistant), thermal and acoustic insulation, hygroscopic, anti-electrostatic, abrasion resistance, tough, flexible, natural, doesn’t pile

EN12667:2001 Thermal Resistance ISO 8301:1991

Thermal Resistance (M2.C/W) : 0.51

Conductivity (W/(M.OC)) : 0.0476

Abrasion Resistance (Martindale) / EN ISO 12947-2:1998 + AC:2006

Test Conditions: Applied pressure (KPA) -121

Conditioned Environment: 20+/-20C E 65+/-4% H.R.

Cycles Number: Number of Spins 60 000

The Classification was made according to clause II of the European Standard EN 13501-1:2007 + AI: 2009, September 2009.

Rating C-S2, D0

in relation to its reaction to fire performance, Burel is rated: C

Regarding smoke production, its classification is: S2

The additional classification in relation to flaming droplets or particles is: D0

Its fibre is composed of keratin, which is a protein rich in sulphur, an element that is not found in any other fibre. Burel’s elementary composition is, approximately, as follows: Carbon (C): 50%; Hydrogen (H): 7%; Oxygen (O): 21%; Nitrogen (N): 17%; Sulphur (S): 5%

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