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Burel Aro

Floor Divider

Wool will

tear us apart

Arch-shaped screen with an air box and burel covering (100% wool). An artistic and functional solution, ideal to work as a partition with high acoustic properties.

Endowed with visual simplicity, an elegant design and a great versatility of application in the most diverse environments due to the possibility of being produced in more than 82 colors and 20 Burel Stitches available.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity, as it hides the true potential of this piece: its interior consists of an air box where sound is retained. The sound waves pass through the wool fiber and a punctured panel until it reaches the air box where the sound is absorbed. Perfect to be used as a floor divider and create different interior environments without resorting to more invasive and expensive works. A minimalist and simply irresistible design.