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3D Panels

Acoustic Artistry

Handmade acoustic 3D art

Acoustic solutions with great performance and longevity, pushing the aesthetic and technological boundaries of the natural science behind wool, to embody visionary architectural developments.

The 3D acoustic panels by Burel Factory elevate the acoustic, aesthetic, and thermal quality of spaces. The 100% wool burel composition, provides high acoustic properties, reducing sound reverberation. Burel Stiches are also able to increase volume through fabric manipulation, amplifying acoustic performance, while guaranteeing a unique, special, and distinct aesthetic, as the authentic works of art they truly are. They are handmade and available in any freeform shape, in over 80 textile colors. They are resistant, natural, durable, and therefore a sustainable solution for domestic, corporate, or commercial use.

Acoustic Performance

100% wool, which reduces sound reverberation and limits propagation. Very effective sound absorption performance: 100% at 3150khz. Ideal for commercial spaces, offices, hotels, and work spaces. A natural barrier against sound.

Thermal Performance

Sheep wool is so dense that it insulates from heat and cold. With a thermal conductivity of only 0.0450 in 800gr burel fabric, and a thermal resistance of 0.27m2ºC/W. Ideal for indoor temperature, maintaining a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Permeability Performance

The wool fibre structure is waterproof, with a water resistance of 98.5%, which means that, even when absorbing moisture, it dries very quickly. At the same time, it repels dirt, requiring only periodic vacuuming, with no need for washing.